Sept. 20, 2009 Sermon: “Whose Angel Are You?”

Rev. James Meeks, founder/senior pastor, Salem Baptist Church,

Acts 1:9-11

“Whose Angel Are You?”

– This verse records the ascension of Jesus.
– Jesus ascended without any warning.
– It also describes for us the ministry of angels. The Bible records that the disciples were caught off guard by this.
– We are descendants of this first group of people because after this, they went to the Upper Room and that was the gathering of the first 120 people of the church.
– The New Testament church is the hope of the world.
– We should thank God for angels that will show up at the appropriate time.
– Do you have your own personal story of encountering an angel? Remember, God does not have to send someone in white apparel.
– God allows some people to just show up and they show you kindness.

What do angels do?

Read Luke 2:8

You become someone’s angel when you tell them a Savior is here.

– A lot of people are going through a whole lot, and it’s unnecessary to go through that much drama.
– There are two lives a person can live: a life without Jesus and one with him. A life before Christ and one after Christ.
– People believe a life with Jesus means a life of no more fun, but Jesus said I will give you life.
– God’s got your back. There is no reason to depressed and living such an anxiety-filled life.
– When you help someone being tempted by the devil, you become their angel. Read Matthew 4:10.
– Jesus faced temptation in 3 ways: by flesh, material things and pride. A person becomes your angel when they say I know what you are going through and I’m here to pray for you.
– Get rid of all of your cheerleading friends who cheer you on in wrongdoing. You need some angels for you to rely on.
– Angels are not critical, arrogant, haughty, and self-righteous. Angels will tell you that the Lord will make a way out of no way.
– When a person is going through agony, be an angel and strengthen them. Read Luke 22:41.
– When Jesus was in agony and when he was being tempted, an angel came and strengthened him. If he needed angels, so do we. The scripture does not say that God sent an angel. It just said that an angel appeared. If that angel couldn’t watch Jesus go through agony, how could you watch someone do it?
– If someone is going through anything, just show up.

  • Great work and advice…always spread the good Lord’s word everywhere…dominate evil and then flush it away….

  • Monikue Christmas

    I think no matter how hard times is for our church God will find away to help us out. God dont guide you then leave you.