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Somebody call my friend Fireman Dan because I burned some calories this morning!

Besides my normal Sprint 8 regiment I do to warm up, and the shoulder and back moves I do once each week, I brought my boxing equipment to the gym and did a rigorous fat-burning cycle that had me dripping like a man with no umbrella caught in a monsoon!

Boxing is not only the sport of kings (at least i used to be) but it’s also one of the best belly-burning workouts you can do. It not only burns calories, but it also builds strengths, size and endurance–especially for your upper-body.

It also tones your legs and works your core–if you use the proper form.

Boxing gyms are popping up all over the country. And they’re not just for folks who actually want to get into the ring and get hit like for real.

They’re also meccas for rigorous no-weight individual training sessions, often less costly than those at a typical high-end gym.

Find out if there’s one in your neighborhood and try it out. Don’t be intimidated by the preponderance of guys with jacked bods (if you’re a woman, I guess intimidated might not be the right word!). Just imagine yourself as one of them after a few weeks of boxing sessions!

If you’ve not boxed before, or not in a long time, I definitely recommend a training session. You’ll learn how exactly to throw a punch, and the different punches, which is essential if you want to maximize your time in the gloves.

If you want to try it on your own, you’re in luck. Most gyms have a boxing room, usually equipped with a heavy bag, punching bag and at least on set of gloves and mitts.

Also, invest in some gloves and mitts of your own, so you can also do a boxing workout at home.

If you’re already got some pugilistic skills, trying one of these three boxing workouts from Men’s Health.

There are even boxing classes and variations on traditional boxing workouts, incorporating kick-boxing and other moves made popular by the rise of mixed-martial arts.

Here’s what I did today with my workout buddy:

1) Alternate punches into the mitts for 1 minute. Rest 30 secs. Repeat three times.

2) Right-Left-Right punches into heavy bag for 1 minute, rotating around the bag. Rest 30 secs. Repeat three times.

3) While one of us on the heavy bag, the other did core floor exercises.

That’s it. Looks simple but by the end our arms were drained and our lungs were burning. Fireman Dan was just around the corner. He almost got a call.

Challenge yourself!

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