Herman Cain Says Blacks Have Been Brainwashed; Not Open To Conservatism (VIDEO)

Roland Martin, David Frum and Wolf Blitzer discuss GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s recent comments about African-Americans not being open-minded about conservatism.

  • Anonymous

    Amen. I agree. You have people who say why do most black people vote for one party, the Democrats, but when you have one party that ignores you, and the other that takes you for granted, then, what choice is there between the two parties? Let’s be honest, there is no question in my mind, that if the Republicans did not go to the Southern strategy, there is no question they would have more black people voting for them than they do now. Some of their ideas are not that bad, but you cannot be afraid to go to people that may not look like you, or may have different opinions than you do. Sure, there are going to be black people that will not accept anything that a Republican will say, but so what. 

    A Republican should be able to go anywhere, and not be afraid to talk about various issues, that concern blacks. Some of the same issues, that concern them, such as education, health care, the economy, and jobs, concerns black people as well. For them to make inroads in the black community, they need to let their defenses down, and not be scared to talk to us. 

  • Tim823

    I think some of the wording was harsh and in your face however… All I recall during the previous election was when you watch all the different channels, BET was by FAR the most biased programming I had ever seen. It was the All Obama all the time Channel. They didn’t even mention the other candidates!

    Having seen that on full display, I can most certainly see where Cain is coming from. I got a very strong impression that any African American turning on BET, was basically being told, “hey, we are all going to vote for this guy, and there is no other way around it!”

    • Tim823

      And just to clarify, it is absolutely on both sides. I think African Americans are brainwashed, and I think whites are brainwashed just as much! How can you not!?