Houston Pastor Gets Life In Murder Of His Wife

Source: Brian Rogers / Houston Chronicle

The Baptist pastor made the sign of the cross, bowed his head and began to pray, mouthing the words to himself.

On the other side of the Houston courtroom, jurors heard about his affairs with other women, his church that burned to the ground and the 21-year-old son he ultimately persuaded to shoot his wife.

When Tracy Burleson was convicted of capital murder for killing Pauletta Burleson on Thursday, it was a stunning fall from grace for the man who told police in taped interviews that he was “supposed to be a man of God.”

“It’s very telling that he said, ‘supposed to be,’ ” prosecutor Kari Allen told jurors. “Tracy Burleson is guilty of capital murder as surely as if he had pulled the trigger himself.”

The 46-year-old was sentenced automatically to life in prison without parole by state District Judge Susan Brown.

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