Morgan Freeman: Racism Fuels The Tea Party (VIDEO)

Morgan Freeman discusses his support for Obama and blames the political right for much of the gridlock in government.


  • Last week we was watching Piers Morgan show after we found out that Morgan Freeman was going to be on the show. We’re happy we did watch the show, we’re happy Morgan spoke out on this issue, we have been making comments about the same issues and was ignored, this Racism have come out the Closets the doors had been closed and stuffed. Mr. Freeman is telling the truth, what so amazing is that they get angry when you tell the Truth about them and call them out. We believe this is why they gave Caine the Straw Poll winning numbers, Caine got in this race before Perry and Romney they moved them all the way to the Top Runner, and Caine have been i the Single digit numbers, after Morgan Freeman told the Truth, but look what happen on Monday FOX ran an Ad looking for NEW Candidates and they also said non-of the Above.

    But we also have to look with in our own, it haven’t just been the TEA BAGGERS, We have been seeing our own calling the President Names, whining about things happen 16 years ago, they are not whining about the People who Caused these Problem, we have seen Maxine Waters and other CBC out there bashing the President, These people need to get in the Mirror and ask themselves what did they do for the Blacks when Bill Clinton was in the Seat,Shipping and Outsourceing JOBS out this Country, then Bush and Cheney came in and put the Final Nail in the Coffin, they went alone with Bush and the Iraq War, because it became a Business these People lined they Pockets Maxine Waters was also Involve, These Democrats and Black Caucus are just as guilty as The Republicans. The 16.0 Percent of Blacks unemployment Started with Bill Clinton, then Bush, Why are they blaming President Obama, but not One Journalist woudn’t  challenge them, because they like it when they are Bashing the President.

    We have Cornell West Spewing his hate for President Obama on any station that would have him, we see the hate OOZING out of him, Waters and Smiley, We watched West On the Martin Show Bashing the PRESIDENT ON Martin MSNBC, acting like a Snake, he said something that started us to Wonder, When he said Obama is going to have to Talk to us he was talking about Ralph Nader, we said then that’s Poison, Nader have been the one who have been helping the Republican get Elected, But what we also see Bill Clinton INVOLVED, Jame Carville and Bernies Sanders they are Pandering for Hilary Also when a Chicago NEWS PAPERS ask the President not to Run, now why would he step down the People elected the President, the President have done more for the Black Communites then any President in History, We see Clinton  running from Station to Station trying to Undermine the President and he’ s using these Clowns to do that, this is how the Black Candidate of FL., Lost they was Conspiring against the  President, the same thing they are doing. They can’t see Bill Clinton is Jealous, Envy and hate the President because he’s accomplishing things he couldn’t accomplish. People better wake up, I’m right 88-99 Percent about the things I say. Oh yes the MEDIA are trying to Play the Blacks against the President by calling the President Speech Racist, I’m and my group is Mixed, we saw nothing Racist ABOUT THE SPEECH, THE PRESIDENT IS RIGHT, AND IN OTHER WORDS BE AWARE OF WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND THEM THE VOTING RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY, YET CORNELL WEST AND WATER WHO IS THE LAWMAKERS IN WASHINGTON WANT ADDRESS  SOMETHING FOR THEY BEST INTEREST.

  • Kelly Scott

    I just love (major sarcasm here) how the senators and congressmen would wave papers around saying, ” this is what our constituents want, and they want it done now”. Then in steps Obama to say, “That is what the pepole of this country want, they have elected me to see it done”. And then all of a sudden those traitorous pigs (the senate and congressmen) would backpedal at top speed, saying, “Oh, oh, oh, we can’t do that (he’s black, without actually saying it out loud), and then spout nonsense reasons why they would not do what they themselves said “We the people” were demanding of them, our elected servants. Always remember that they are OUR, elected servants and we have a duty as citizens of this country to hang traitors. These elected officials are edging very close to high treason. We the people, MUST, get involved with our government again, as our founding fathers meant for us to do, and as they themselves did. This is a “Government, For the people, BY the PEOPLE”. That means ALL of YOU as well as I. Get involved or lose your rights.