Rep. Waters: We’ve Been Working Hard (VIDEO)

Rep. Maxine Waters of the Congressional Black Caucus responds to the president’s call for blacks to “stop complaining.”


  • I have no idea why she feels as if she always have to voice her unwanted opinion. She has never really been in the corner of President Obama. As I recall she was in the corner for Hillary until she realized that Hillary was not going to win the nomination. I have never had respect for her b/c to me she is only in it for herself and not really in it for the people…

    • Childress40

      U are so right about Maxine Waters she has done nothing for black community I live in her district, and I hope and pray we get her lying ass out of office. She is so self centered, egotistical loud mouth for nothing. She’s been in office to long and is out of touch with what our community needs, nor does she care. She had that fake job fair, they were not accepting resumes, but most of all they were not hiring at that time.

  • I am not saying that its wrong to criticize the Presidents b/c that is not what I am saying, it seems to me that she never has her facts correct and she does it all at the wrong time. There is a way to be critical of the President and Waters, Smiley, and West all have and Ego problem that needs to be looked upon. I am African American and do believe that the President has not been tough enough but also know that the Republicans are doing everything possible to destroy what he is trying to accomplished. I feel that you can be critical but its a way to be critical and not make it seem like you are out to get him in public. That’s why the Republicans have us beat on this tactic they do not criticize in certain matter they wait for the right moment Democrats do not care, so at the end of the day we are always left scratching our heads. We all need to be on one accord and it seems to me that we are never on that accord. 

  • Of course the President did not ask of the Hispanics, Jews and Gays the same he is asking of African Americans (Read CBC). Has Maxine Waters not noticed that Obama is neither Hispanic, Jewish or Gay. He is black and we usually ask more of our family than we ask of our friends and acquaintances. He was also implying that he also has reason to complain and to grumble but that is not stopping him from focusing on the job that is still left to be done.

  • KMF

    Well shouldnt the focus be on the ones who are ordering the President what to say and do as they have with all the other presidents?  Aren’t they called the Global Elite who actually been running this country and are for a one order financial and political system?  The majority keep blaming Pres. Obama but isn’t he under very powerful and controlling Leadership?  Just curious!