Roland, TJMS, 09.27.11: Roland S. Martin/Tom Joyner Morning Show, Mother Banned From Son’s School After Confronting Bullies

Roland Martin details the story of the Minneapolis mother who was banned from her son’s school after she confronted two boys who bullied her son.

  • Koolschic

    There is NO doubt in my mind I would catch a case. My son now in the 6th grade has been homeschooled for years due to bullying. I have a ZERO tolerance for any holligan and their parent who thinks its in their right to touch, taunt, punch my child. I put my son back in school this year and while waiting at the bus stop I though someone has sucker punched him! My car door flung open and I was about to snap right before my son stepped around the car, smiled and said “mom where are you going?” Little did he know it was about to be jail.

  • Piercel

    It would be fine to put cameras on the bus, but they cost money and with the government cuts, the schools can’t even keep teachers, never mind cameras.  Parents need to take responsibility for their angry, thug kids and parents who stand up should be applauded, not sanctioned.  Schools do have zero policy but bullying usually happens when authorities can’t see it and if it’s not reported, they can’t do anything.  That mom should have first reported it to the school, not the bus driver.  If nothing was done, then I would have called the kids’ parents.  I did it when my son was young.  You know what, it’s old school, but it worked and this was only about 5 years ago.