Auburn Cleared Of Major NCAA Football Violations During National Championship Run

Source: Matt Brooks / The Washington Post

It appears Auburn will be allowed to hang onto it’s 2010 national championship after the NCAA cleared the school of any major violations committed by its football program.

On Wednesday the NCAA released a statement announcing it has closed a 13-month investigation into the recruitment of quarterback Cam Newton — the Heisman Trophy winner who is now lighting up NFL defenses.

The investigation was a dark cloud that hung over Auburn’s unbeaten run last fall after reports surfaced that Newton’s father had dangled his son in front of the Tigers with a $180,000 asking price.

“The NCAA enforcement staff is committed to a fair and thorough investigative process,” the NCAA said in a statement. “As such, any allegations of major rules violations must meet a burden of proof, which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media. The allegations must be based on credible and persuasive information and includes a good-faith belief that the Committee on Infractions could make a finding.

“As with any case, should the enforcement staff become aware of additional credible information, it will review the information to determine whether further investigation is warranted.”

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