Failed Solar Energy Company Tells Court Its CEO Resigned, Company Got Federal Loan Guarantee

Source: AP / The Washington Post

DOVER, Del. — The CEO of a California solar energy company that sought bankruptcy protection after receiving a $528 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration has resigned.

Solyndra Inc. said in papers filed in Delaware bankruptcy court Wednesday that Brian Harrison resigned last Friday. The company said Harrison’s resignation was contemplated even before the company sought bankruptcy protection.

Solyndra’s filing was in response to a motion by the Justice Department to appoint a trustee to oversee the bankruptcy case. The government was concerned company officials would not be forthcoming about Solyndra’s operations and finances.

The Justice Department filed its motion after Harrison and Solyndra chief financial officer W.G. Stover refused to answer questions when called before a U.S. House committee investigating the loan Solyndra received from the Energy Department.

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