GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s New Campaign Ad Targeting President Obama (VIDEO)

GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s new campaign ad.

SOUND OFF: What do you think about this new ad targeting President Barack Obama?

  • He needs to let it go! He will NEVER be president of this country!!!!  The video is a waste and he is a joke to the Republicans. He doesn’t even sound intelligent when he speaks.

  • Smr4real

    He just doesn’t get it — He’s a GOP tool.

  • Eviebrown69

    Oh Wow! The sooner he gets lost the better. He should have taken the money he used to buy this ad and used it on getting some common sense. Where is his family? Why aren’t they on the road with him? Somebody, please get this train wreck!

  • Anonymous

    You know what this just goes to show that this man is out of touch and has no clue! To be honest I don’t think none of the republican candidates have a clue to the struggles of the middle and lower class. They aren’t starving or losing houses and jobs, all of them are rich right now and none of the candidates have given the american people a plan to take care of the American people!! They are all a joke. The bottom line is l really feel as if they don’t care, and this ad shows it.

  • Anonymous

    Most of this ad, we’ve seen too many time.  It’s called ‘been there done that’.  None of the republican candidates have anything they can draw on…not when it comes to Vetting this president.  He is the most Vetted president ever.
    I reas the president’s book.  The qotes were taken out of context.  So that tell me that I can’t believe anything else Herman says.  I still can’t get over him calling African Americans ‘brainwashed’.  And…if he doesn’t want to be referred to as an African American, that’s fine; but someone who loves him needs to tell him that his roots are in Africa whether he likes it or not.  It’s so funy that Italian- American, Mexican-Americans, German-American, Japanese-American are not so bothered by these titles.  But Herman’s position on his race shows what kind of man he really is.  umph…umph…umph!

  • Truthbetold

    I’m an independent. I voted for Obama in 2008. He hasn’t fulfilled his promise as President. I’m really disappointed that he put healthcare before, creating a environment conducive to job creation. I’m disappointed that he put healthcare before fiscal responsibility. The healthcare plan is expensive and had to be added in before he tackled economics. One problem, the republicans won the house in 2010. Admit it people he squandered the opportunity to pass is balanced approach, and all this other stuff he’s proposing now when he had democrat control in the house, senate, and white house. I have caught on to Obama. People think he cares about them so much. I challenge you to see that he cares about re-election more. He extended the Bush tax cuts until 2013, but he should have passed the tax increases and spending cuts needed to get our debt under control. But he didn’t want the GOP to say he raised your taxes during the 2012 election cycle. So he waited and attempted to get the GOP to do it with him to nullify that tactic. I’m not saying the GOP is any better, both parties suck. I’m just trying to understand what happened to the “Change we can believe in”. Minorities, especially blacks, are having difficulty in this economy. It has gotten worse in the last 3 years. Obama’s Washington, DC looks a lot like the same old DC we’ve been getting. It is time for change. But Obama is just not providing it. I’ve voted DEM the last 4 presidential elections. I may go the other way this time. One more thing please stop saying GOP folks are rich like its evil to be rich. Wealth is built by being conservative in your handling of money. They are called conservatives right. Money is amoral, it takes on the character of the person handling it. If your a jerk, you’ll be a jerk who has money. If your a kind person, you’ll be a kind person with money. Wealth is not evil, but people can be or not be.

    • but the problem is there is no one else is better than obama.. .them republicans smh ….does matter who in office if congress cant set their ideology to the side than nothing going get done 

  • Bayou Alligator

    Cain’s 9-9-9 federal flat tax would tax sales on all new goods and services, but the goods and services are not taxed if they are used. That means if you buy a Godfather’s pizza from Cain and he takes a bite out of it, it’s a used pizza so you’d not be taxed under his 9-9-9 plan. And hookers at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada would not tax you for their services if they offer you used sex, whatever that would be, but you’d be taxed only for the new sex. Cain’s an educated fool, as we say in Alabama. One law for the lion and the ox, as the poet William Blake long ago observed, is oppression. And one tax for all incomes is unfair. To treat all people equally, you have to treat them differently, because the child and the adult, the poor and the wealthy, are different. 

  • Roc88

    I guess he’s a step up from Allen Green…lol

  • OhioIndependent11

    I am a true Independent, and I think that this ad is horrible. We need solutions, not scare tactics. President Obama seems to be the only candidate so far at least attempting to push solutions, so as of now, he will very likely have my vote come 2012.

  • Most of the things showed in this ad are true.