Harry Belafonte: Herman Cain Is A ‘Bad Apple’ (VIDEO)

Source: CNN

In an interview with Joy Behar on HLN, legendary actor Harry Belafonte blasts Herman Cain as having been ‘denied intelligence’ and as denied a view of history. Full interview to air Friday, October 14th at 10:00pm on HLN.

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  • Anonymous

    Glad to see that Harry Belafonte hasn’t lost a step yet in the whole activist arena to this day! You’ve gotta love his analysis of Herman ‘what the hell have you been smokin?,’ Cain.  The okey doke suit and tie sell out is alive and well (Condolezza Rice and Micheal Steel are also prime members of this club)  and as he said he epitomizes exactly what many Republicans and the vast majority of people on the right feel black men in America should be.  Their denial of the facts, which Mr. Belafonte so eloquently pointed out, for example; most affected by unemployment, highest population of incarcerated and most under represented in positions of authority regardless of how qualified…Black and people of color in the United States, is a scathing indictment of their ruthless persistence in trying to maintain an old ideology that the only people that matter are rich people and those willing to be their foot stools!  Like I said, he hasn’t lost a beat in the slightest  😉