Lawrence O’Donnell, Herman Cain Argue About The Civil Rights Movement (VIDEO)

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Source: Jack Mirkinson / The Huffington Post

Lawrence O’Donnell and GOP presidential contender Herman Cain got into a tense argument about an unexpected topic on O’Donnell’s Thursday show: Cain’s participation in the Civil Rights movement.

The two also discussed Cain’s predilection for calling people “brainwashed.” He refused to back down from his assertion that many black voters have been brainwashed by the Democratic Party, and also told O’Donnell he thinks that the 81 percent of Americans who support a surtax on the rich have been brainwashed as well.

O’Donnell asked about the Hank Williams Jr. controversy. Cain said that Williams had made a “poor choice of words,” but refused to say that ESPN was right to end its association with him.

Then, O’Donnell took a surprising turn. He read out a passage from Cain’s new book in which Cain discusses his childhood in Atlanta. In the passage, Cain says that he was too young to participate in the Civil Rights movement, and that his father told him to “stay out of trouble” by moving to the back of the bus.

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    Did “Insane” Herman Cain get his card pulled or what?