Listeria-Tainted Shredded Lettuce Recalled

Source: CBS News

The highly publicized recall of Listeria-tainted cantaloupes had had the nation on edge in recent weeks. Now the deadly bacteria have prompted a recall of shredded lettuce.

Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle, Inc. recalled its shredded lettuce products after the FDA contacted the company following a positive test result, the company said in a written statement.

FDA officials contacted Giant Eagle once the Ohio Department of Agriculture picked up the Listeria monocytogenes during a random test, FDA spokesman Siobhan DeLancey told CBS News in an email.

The product that tested positive was an eight-ounce package of Giant Eagle Farmer’s Market Shredded Iceberg Lettuce (UPC 3003430195). It’s been recalled along with several deli sandwiches marketed under the Giant Eagle Brand:

  • Large Italian Sandwich Ring (UPC 23755100000)
  • Mini Italian Sandwich Ring (UPC 24755500000)
  • Large New York Sandwich Ring (UPC 22755100000)
  • Mini New York Sandwich Ring (UPC 25755500000)
  • Large All America Sandwich Ring (UPC 21755100000)
  • Mini All American Sandwich Ring (UPC 26755500000)
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