Massive Hack Hit 760 Companies

Source: CNN Money

NEW YORK – A massive cyberattack that led to a vulnerability in RSA’s SecurID tags earlier this year also victimized Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many other big-named companies, according to a new analysis released this week.

A list of 760 organizations that were attacked using the same resources deployed to hack RSA was presented to Congress recently and published by security analyst Brian Krebs on his blog Monday.

The information was obtained from a breached “command and control” server, the name for a machine that hackers use to direct the fleets of compromised PCs that they have gained control over. Krebs said he wasn’t at liberty to reveal how that server was discovered or who analyzed the data.

The names of other companies affected by the attack were uncovered after researchers traced back the networks that were communicating with the server that attacked RSA. The first victims started “phoning home” as early as November 2010, Krebs said.

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