Maxine Waters Goes To War With Debt Super-Committee

Source: Zerlina Maxwell / theGrio

Rep. Waters has called for an end of the debt “super-committee” that was a result of the compromise during the debt ceiling debacle. Waters said of the super-committee:

I firmly believe that Congress should be focused squarely on this nation’s unemployment crisis. Since the super-committee’s single charge is to produce $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction- which could include cuts to programs that create jobs — it must be promptly dismantled so that regular order can be restored and the federal government can fully dedicate itself to creating jobs and stimulating the economy. If not, unemployment will inevitably rise in all communities, in particular in communities of color…Republicans have completely hijacked the legislative process, and they have seized every opportunity to hold the most perfunctory of congressional business hostage for their radical agenda.

The Republicans manufactured ‘debt ceiling crisis’ last July is the latest example of the lengths this relatively small group of lawmakers is willing to go to achieve irresponsible cuts. The formation of the Super Committee is merely another counterproductive tool the Republicans can exploit for the next ‘showdown’ they are certain to stage, while doing nothing to create jobs.

Rep. Waters is exactly right that the super-committee is a product of the radical Tea Party wing of the Republican House which refused to compromise during the debt ceiling crisis. Waters is also correct when she says that the Tea Party freshman which all signed the Grover Norquist “no tax” pledge are “not negotiating in good faith” and only seek to make extreme cuts to necessary social programs for the poor and middle class families as well as the elderly.

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  • Cbail63

    I agree with Maxine Waters, I’m glad she had the courage to cal it what it is, a Highjacking!

  • Arwyn

    Calling for fiscal responsibility and not wanting to leave our kids in debt they will never get out of is hijacking? Someone needs a dictionary.

  • Mikelup

    Can you not walk and chew gum at the same time?! Do your job!