Measuring The Movement Update: National Action Network Commitment (VIDEO)

Roland Martin delivers an update on the commitments made during this years Measuring the Movement.

ROLAND S. MARTIN: Folks, earlier this year, I moderated Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Measuring the Movement” town hall meeting in New York. A lot of commitments were made by the leaders there, and our commitment was to hold each organization
accountable by reporting what was said and what they’re doing. Here’s what Rev. Sharpton of the National Action Network had to say.


REV. AL SHARPTON: We must be married to labor in this fight over collective bargaining. We’ve toured Ohio, Indiana and – and Pennsylvania. In fact, our national board of [the] National Action Network elected a permanent labor seat
on the national board. Lee Saunders of AFSCME is now on our national board.

We must walk with labor to stop this reverse on collective bargaining.

ROLAND S. MARTIN: Now, we spoke with the NAN office, and this is their response, quote:

NAN is working with labor groups around the country to stop the reversal of collective bargaining. This year, NAN toured OHIO and Pennsylvania and were critical in the effort to fight SB5 in Ohio that strips public employees of certain bargaining rights.

ROLAND S. MARTIN: The NAN chapter in Ohio got signatures to stop the SB5 bill, and Rev. Sharpton spoke at the Ohio state teachers convention and the Ohio state legislative caucus as they actively worked to turn these bills around in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Folks, a vote to repeal SB5 is on the ballot in November, so good job, NAN.

We’ll certainly continue to update you on what these or- — organizations are doing, based upon what they said at “Measuring the Movement” and, again, holding them accountable to make sure you hold them accountable as well.