Occupy Wall Street: Cornel West Allegedly Arrested In New York City

Source: The Huffington Post

Public intellectual and Princeton University professor Cornel West was allegedly arrested taking part in a rally in connection with the Occupy Wall Street movment in New York Friday, according to multiple reports on Twitter.

West was taking part in a rally that aimed to protest the New York Police Department’s “Stop and Frisk” policies, when he was arrested Friday, according to The Atlantic Wire.

Friday’s arrest marks the second time the activist has been arrested in a month. West was one of 19 people arrested Sunday afternoon after they refused to leave the grounds of the Supreme Court, The Associated Press reports. West was taking part in a protest against corporate influence in politics when he was arrested.

West isn’t the only celebrity to get arrested demonstrating in support of Occupy Wall Street. Feminist author Naomi Wolf led away in handcuffs after addressing protesters on the sidewalk outside an event honoring New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, among others, hosted by The Huffington Post Tuesday.

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