Perspective: The Black Agenda Should Not Be Compromised And Subjected By Who Is In The Oval Office

I totally get this whole sense of protecting the President, not wanting to have any criticism against him, so you don’t hear it on Rush Limbaugh and on Fox News. I totally understand that. But the question is, will Black people lose our moral authority to speak to the issues that we care about?

The lesson we can learn from Dr. King is that he understood that Pres. Kennedy was an ally. He understood that Pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson was an ally. Dr. King also understood that the Black agenda should never be compromised and subjected to who is in the Oval Office.

  • Nayanicolas

    So, if I understand you correctly you think that calling a man out of his name and saying give me permission to be unleashed on him is a way to get your agenda across? NO.  The Hispanics and LGBT community express their criticisms w/the POTUS in a constructive, but Waters, Smiley, and West and have not they have called the man of his name, and that is disrespectful they are no better than the people who were abusive during the Health Care and Debt debate.  Futhermore, Dr. King was aggresive in his agenda, but he knew that he had to respect the people who was trying to help him with his cause not alienate him why you think he never wanted to work with Malcolm X?  Anything is possible, but we as blacks are our own worst enemy.