Rahm Emanuel Budget Address: Plan Includes Layoffs, Hotel Tax, Closed Police Stations (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s New Budget Unveiled with Cuts, Increase in Fees: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

Source: The Huffington Post

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first budget proposal was unveiled Wednesday, and as the mayor said previously–it’s bound to make some people unhappy.

The city currently faces a $635.7 million budget shortfall, which Emanuel hopes to fix by increasing certain fees, closing three police stations, cutting library hours and dipping into the city’s contentious TIF fund.

“If you think you’re gonna balance a budget with a $637 million deficit that’s about 20 percent out of whack and you’re … gonna do it without controversy, call me. I’m really interested in the idea,” Emanuel told the Chicago Sun-Times Tuesday.

The Mayor’s Office sent the media a list of some of Emanuel’s budget proposals Tuesday night, but the list did not include information about possible layoffs. Over the summer, Emanuel said he would be forced to lay off more than 600 workers if the unions did not agree to work rule changes. Union leaders told Fox Chicago that “fewer than 500 workers will go,” under his new budget plan, and they hope to avoid any further showdowns with the mayor.

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