Roland, TJMS, 10.07.11: Roland S. Martin/Tom Joyner Morning Show, Roland Martin: Can These Dry Bones Lead?

Roland Martin asks where is the moral leadership of African-American clergy. With so many things affecting our community Black church leaders should be doing more.

  • RevDrDre

    you preached it! I’m a pastor (also an adjunct academic with a PhD in Biblical Studies). I sometimes fear we African American clergy are too concerned with prosperity preaching (getting folks to put in their money for bigger cars, bigger buildings, bigger whatever) they we have lost some activist spirit on the issues that impact ‘the least of these.’ giving out turkeys at Thanksgiving is nice, but advocating for justice is better. I’m about the same age as our president and enjoy the benefits that my forebears worked and sacrificed for (like an education), so I feel a burden for the next generation.  On the positive side, I am part of an ecumenical gathering of pastors and other ministry leaders here in DC who are always vigilant to see what we can do TOGETHER that is meaningful (helpful, long-lasting, etc) in our communities.

    thanks for your challenge!

  • Moral leadership of clergy, also falls on the laity. How about ‘common sense’, and doing what is right and saying what needs to be said because it’s too late to turn back now. The individual is charged to do their part and fair share. Whereas many will go above and beyond the call of duty, our cause will need more than the few. It is time that the people in the pew (1 Peter 2:9) “chosen generation”, stand up and actualize your faith. It is not enough for the Pastor or Priest to do give the Sunday message and a good benediction to send you home feeling good, but to preach in such a way that the people of God are compelled, convicted, and possibly conflicted enough to do get to work. African-American Christians no longer have the right to remain silent and stand idly by as our country, built by slave blood, sweat and tears becomes tarnished and reduced to sound bytes. It is clear that we depend too much on the head of the church or organization to be the spokespersons for us. It is time to get off your butt, let your voice be heard, have your presence known, and make a move! – Pastor Jacquie, -DC

    • Well said Pastor Jacquie! I concur wholeheartedly. Now is the season to see and manifest results! And it starts with recognizing the TRUTH OF THE MATTER and moving forward knowing that INDEED many times while the truth HURTS it also sets one free! Bless you!
      Elder Dwann – Jacksonville

  • Reginald D. Walton

    I agree with Rev. Martin and Rev. Dr. Dre. We have a responsibility as Christians to stand up whether Clergy or Laity. For the Clergy, we must get back our prophetic voice where we spak to the needs of people instead of being soothsayers. the prosperity gospel movement, while popular, has skewed the views of many in our pulpits and our pews to the point that we are no longer relevant but rather lying in bed with dogs and coming up with fleas! When preachers truly understand the call is not one to popularity, but one of speaking up for the voiceless and helping others find their voice, then the dry bones can live. that is when we will be able to stand with those in Occupy wall Street and speak against the ills of this society. Peace and be blessed.