Shutdown Averted Again: Congress Passes Temporary Government Funding Bill

Source: AP / The Huffington Post

The House voted to fund the government for an additional six weeks on Tuesday, giving President Barack Obama and lawmakers more time to work out some $1 trillion of unfinished agency budgets for the fiscal year already days old.

The 352-66 final vote comes in time to send it to Obama ahead of the midnight deadline for a government shutdown.

The passage of the bill gives lawmakers additional time for what is sure to be an onerous task: passing the 12 annual spending bills that lay out the day-to-day operating budgets for Cabinet agencies and departments.

The GOP-controlled House, the Democratic-run Senate and the president are in agreement on an overall $1 trillion-plus budget for the government. Still, there’s plenty of disagreement over which programs should be increased and which should get cut the deepest.

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