Suspect Arrested In Shooting Of Pregnant Brooklyn Mom Who Died Shielding Children From Bullets

Source: New York Daily News


Gang member Andrew Lopez, 18, confessed to the slaying after his arrest, admitting he pulled the trigger last Friday afternoon on a Brooklyn street packed with children, sources told the Daily News.

The slender shooter’s target was an 11-year-old girl, and the motive was a fight over a cell phone, sources said.

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A suspected rooftop sniper was in custody Tuesday for the death of a Brooklyn mother gunned down as she protected terrified schoolkids from flying bullets, police said.

It was unclear if police had filed charges yet in the Friday afternoon slaying, which left parents and children exiting their school running for their lives.

Heroic Zurana Horton, 34, was shot in the chest after springing forward to protect the kids near her when the gunshots started Friday afternoon near Public School 298 in Brownsville.

Witnesses said the mother of 12 was seen using her body as a shield for several children before she was hit with the fatal bullet.

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  • soflynolie

    Amazing heroism. I wish stories like these made the national evening news. Black folks aren’t just going around shooting people up and causing mayhem in general.  We also have enormous hearts and are willing to literally take a bullet to protect others in our community that we may not even know (as is the case here with these children).  This is a horrific story but incredibly inspiring at the same time.  May she rest in peace.

  • Dedicated to the victims of murder and violence in our communities …..