Texas Billboards Claim The ‘GOP Is The New Black’ (VIDEO)

Source: Tamy Cozier / theGrio

Conservative group Raging Elephants delivered what they call “a gut shot to socialists” when they unveiled three new billboards in Austin, Texas touting that the “GOP is the new black.”

The ads were released to encourage more black voters to embrace the Republican party. Raging Elephants contends that many African-Americans share conservative viewpoints on a number of social issues such as abortion and marriage and should vote that way.

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  • Here’s my thing, if you want the black community to vote republican, then why doesn’t the party make it easier for the black community to vote then? Just saying.

  • Thad Ochocinco

    Here’s the thing about black folks voting Republican…just because some of us hold conservative views on certain issues doesn’t mean they should stand with a group that has no interest in listening to issues important to black folks.