theGrio: Medicaid Cuts Would Affect Blacks And Latinos Most

Source: Dr. Tyeese Gaines / theGrio

Cutting Medicaid as a cost-saving measure would overlook a large majority of blacks and Latinos with serious health needs, says a new report.

Medicaid, the government-sponsored health program for low-income Americans, provides health coverage for 60 million people — including children and the elderly. It also covers people with major disabilities and is the largest payer of nursing home and long-term care.

“We cannot look at Medicaid just as a safety net. It is truly the only option for many Americans, especially communities of color,” says Jennifer Ng’andu, deputy director at the National Council of La Raza, the largest U.S. organization for Latino civil rights and advocacy.

The report highlights the true impact for both the African-American and Latino communities.

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