Two CPS Students Suspended After In-Class Brawl Is Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post

Two Chicago Public Schools students have been suspended and charged with misdemeanor battery after their brutal attack of a fellow classmate during a biology class was recorded on an onlooker’s cell phone.

The 14-year-old victim, a student at Roger C. Sullivan High School in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, suffered a concussion, a neck sprain and some scratches and bruises after a pair of sisters, aged 17 and 18, leapt onto her in the attack last Thursday, NBC Chicago reports. In the video, several students are standing by, watching the brawl, while the teacher struggles in an attempt to thwart it. Several security officers were called in to break up the fight.

A student who witnessed the attack, the victim’s best friend, told NBC that “every day there’s a fight” in the school.

In response to the attack, CPS issued a statement that they do not tolerate any form of violence in their schools, ABC Chicago reports. Though the students have been suspended, more discipline may be pending for them.

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