Washington Watch w/Roland Martin, 10.02.11 [Transcript]

At the top of our agenda this week, the economy feels like it’s on life support, but Congress doesn’t seem to notice. Pres. Barack Obama wants them to act on his jobs bill — now. The President reboots, tougher on Republicans, tougher on African-American critics, and more spirited in his defense of
Democratic Party ideals. Executed inmate Troy Davis was laid to rest this weekend in Georgia, but what should opponents of capital punishment do now?

Our “Washington Watch” newsmaker Gene Sperling, the President’s top economic advisor and the
director of the National Economic Council. And a Congressional Black Caucus town hall meeting focuses on the devastating, high unemployment in the Black community. Plus, Common, the hip-hop artist and actor turned author, on how “one day,” as his book says, “it will all make sense.”

In our Washington Watch roundtable, syndicated columnist, Cynthia Tucker; MSNBC contributor and White House correspondent for TheGrio.com, Jeff Johnson; Washington bureau chief for the Comcast Network, Robert Traynham; and Sirius XM Radio host, the “Black Eagle,” Joe Madison.

All that and more in this week’s edition of “Washington Watch.”

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