Washington Watch w/Roland Martin, 10.23.11 [Transcript]





At the top of our agenda this week, Senate Republicans block the President’s plan to put teachers and first responders back to work.


Herman Cain is still riding high in the GOP race for the presidential nomination, but he had a rocky week. And First Lady Michelle Obama shows one again why she is her husband’s secret weapon.


At the top of the hour, the congressional budget super committee is making key decisions right now that will affect the way we live. Two top policy experts show us the dangers ahead. Plus actor Laz Alonso on why we need famous athletes and entertainers as role models for young people.


Civil right historian, Taylor Branch tackles hypocricy and exploitation in the NCAA. In our Washington Watch “roundtable;” theGio.com columnist Sophia Nelson, Politico’s White House correspondent Joseph Williams, ConservativeBlackChick.com’s editor Crystal Wright, Democratic pollster and CNN contributor, Cornell Belcher.


All that and more in this week’s edition of “Washington Watch.”

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