Ann Coulter On Herman Cain: Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks (VIDEO)

Source: Frances Martel / Mediaite

Ann Coulter isn’t buying for one minute that the sexual harassment allegations made against Herman Cain are true. Coulter was one of the first to comment on the story last night as it broke on Geraldo at Large, and returned to Fox News today to give Sean Hannity her take on the matter. Ultimately, Coulter concluded it was a Clarence Thomas-type of attack, made up of “vicious, outrageous charges.”

Coulter praised the conservative black people she had known, arguing that “our blacks are so much better than their blacks” because “you have fought against probably your family, probably your neighbors… that’s why we have very impressive blacks.” She went on to compare conservative black Americans to the family of the President, arguing that “Obama… is not a descendant of the blacks that suffered these Jim Crow laws,” that he was “not the son of American blacks that went through the American experience,” but the “son of a Kenyan” (a point she made with the caveat that she fully believed the President was an American citizen).

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  • Kim

    Ok, I’m going to take your word that it was said. I can’t with these two. I could only make it through half, then I started to feel like I was wasting my life.



  • When I heard her comments from the Fox broadcast I wanted to say, “Oh, so Missy Ann is a pundit now?!?!”.  Really?  Do you own blacks, Ann?  How many Negroes do you own?  How long have you been the mistress of the plantation? Damn.

    Dear African-American Republicans, You need to take off the watermelon suits and tap dancing shoes and listen to what the party really thinks about us.  Yes, US.  Don’t act like you’re special because you get to live in the house and master thinks you’re smart…for a negro.  Yes, that’s right.  Not as smart as ole masta, but smarter than those Democratic field coons.  Oh, you don’t think that is what is actually being said?  Well, then I think the Republicans surely “own” the right blacks for the job. Yall betta run on.  I hear Missy Ann uh calling.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s ragingelephant puppet Apostle Claver?  He was running the mouth screaming at the top of his lungs RACISTS DEMOCRATS! Michael Steele, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, put skanky Ann Coulter in her place.  Call this Butch out!

  • My god she is very vocal idiot.  So what kind of chains are your blacks wearing?

  • My god she is very vocal idiot.  So what kind of chains are your blacks wearing?

  • My god she is very vocal idiot.  So what kind of chains are your blacks wearing?

  • Mr_ryda

    Its crazy! I wonder if she realizes that the more she talks she sounds just like a racist herself! “Our blacks are better than their blacks”…really!  Please! Don’t even try to act like you care about blacks or understand the culture.  Give her credit though, Anne Coultier is a smart woman.  She knows exactly how extremist and idiotic she sounds when she talks and writes these books.  But she also knows there will always be those same idiots that will buy her books. I think I will write books and include every idiotic topic people discuss when other folks aren’t around about whites, conservatives and republicans.  Supply it with a few polls and statistics and I will make millions.  Because more people will buy it just to have a reason to hate me more…look at Rush Limbaugh.