Condoleezza Rice On Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Allegations: ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

Source: Luke Johnson / The Huffington Post

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice commented on sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, and about George W. Bush’s perceived lack of intellectual curiosity, in an interview on “Hannity” on Fox News Tuesday night.

Politico reported Sunday that two women had accused Cain of inappropriate behavior while he was head of the National Restaurant Association, and had received financial payouts. His response to the story has shifted multiple times this week, from claiming to know nothing about the settlements to admitting some prior knowledge.

“The truth will come out. And hopefully, we can get past it so that the very interesting debate that we’re having on the Republican side about how to think about the size of government, how to think about dealing with our core issues, like education and immigration, that we can get back to that,” Rice said. “But I’m not surprised, and I’ll tell you I don’t like to play the race card on either side.”

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