Fit! Live! Win! Jump to Burn Big-Time Fat!


I was in the gym the other day when I noticed this dude nearby. His grey hair and face gave away that he was likely a bit older that I, but he was in great shape. He was talking with one of the trainers, the one who’s most passionate about sports, particularly boxing.


I quickly ascertained that Old Dude used to box. I could tell by his animated movements while talking with the trainer. They were obviously discussing the sweet science. Old Dude was shadow jabbing and dancin’. Trainer was duckin’ and movin’. They were having a great time.


A few minutes later, Old Dude pulled out a jump rope and began making his way to the middle of the floor.


He was plugged into an iThing and was starting to jam.


A little preliminary footwork. Toss the rope handles back-and-forth between hands. Swing it a but, Whip it around fast. Keep the feet moving.




Whip. Wham. Dance. Jam. Ba-da. Ba-da. Whip. Whip…


The man was one with the rope and they were on it!


Sure he missed a few jumps. But when he got on a roll, it was a wonder to watch.


Jumping rope is one of the most under-appreciated moves in the gym.


It’s one of the best cardio workouts around, and it also boost agility, quickness, coordination and confidence.


And it only takes minutes.


There are a lot of different types of ways to work that rope. (First move, get a leather rope that’s long enough that it grazes the floor when you twirl and allows you to jump without tripping–and making a major fool of yourself).


There’s even a jump-rope blog.


I’m not nearly as great at it as Old Dude, but here’s what I like to do:


* Jump for 3 minutes


* 25 push ups


* a suicide drill (if I’m in a gym)


* 25 push ups


* Jump for 3 minutes


Keep the cycle going until you’ve jumped for 15 minutes.


Jumping rope is great as a warm up or for taking you to failure after you’ve done the weights.


Either way, it’s worth doing twice every week.


Challenge yourself!