Georgia Businessman Refuses To Hire Until Obama Is Fired (VIDEO)

Source: Amy Bingham / ABC News

A Georgia businessman has an ultimatum for America: Fire President Obama, or he will not hire any more workers.

Bill Looman, owner of U.S. Cranes LLC, said he is fed up with the bad economy and D.C. politicians who do nothing to solve the problem. So until there is a change of leadership, his company trucks will bear the message: “New Company Policy: We Are Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone.”

“Can’t afford it,” Looman told the local Waco, Ga., television stationWXIA-TV. “I’ve got people that I want to hire now, but I just can’t afford it. And I don’t foresee that I’ll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C.”

Although the signs went up about six months ago, photos of the “new company policy” went viral on the Internet Monday. The reaction – partially positive but mostly negative – was so overwhelming that Looman told the local station he had to temporarily shut down his website and disconnect his phone lines.

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  • Mldyson3

    So he’s just like the imbiciles who’d rather see the economy and the country fail beyond belief than to have it thrive, just as long as President Obama is in office? Wow! Very unAmerican and extremely unPatriotic! Even though folk like this do what they need to do in order to make our President look bad, they’re only proving that his plans and ideas would work! If it weren’t for people such as them sabotaging his plans the economy would be thriving! They know it, which is why they aren’t hiring, yet many of them took government money that President Obama pushed Congress to
    make available. All people with this type of mindset should be charged with treason, theft and prosecuted beyond measure!

  • American

    Way to go to my friend down in the peach state. If we could only bring back W. who was loosing 750,000 jobs a month when he left office…started two wars while giving the very wealthiest Americans a massive tax cut and started a new social prescription drug program without figuring out first how to pay for it. Boy, those were the days. We can all understand you wanting more and more tax cuts so you can make more and more money. We would all want the same if we were in your shoes and we lived in China or Russia or anywhere else because your greed is blocking you from seeing the truth. Like, the south lost.

  • IslandGyal

    It wasn’t mentioned is any of the ABC news report, that Loomis is a militia man and teabagger type. That alone tells you everything you need to know.

  •   To me, that is one of the main problems why unemployment has not reduced because a lot of businesses are waiting for Obama to leave the White House,

    • tiztiz

      I hate to think that’s whats happening here.
      But, i sort of agree with you on this – i think it’s politics as usual and we are the ones getting played by both sides – the DEMS & the REPUBS..

  • tiztiz

    Well, the GOP came out and said early and quite frankly -they wanted to make this President a 1 term President and they are sticking to there plan no matter what happens.
    After the President has given back to wall street – all the money that was taken from American citizens.
    Now, they have no more use for him and want to kick him to the curve..
    Unfortunately, what life we have left – continues..

  • Was he able to afford it when Bush was president because that’s when jobs begin to dwindle.