Gloria Cain Stands By Her Husband, Says He Is Too ‘Old School’ To Disrespect Women

Source: Frances Martel / Mediaite

Gloria Cain is standing by her husband. The wife of presidential contender Herman Cain‘s long-waited interview with Greta Van Susteren aired tonight, and explained the way she heard of every individual allegation, and her firm belief that her husband’s conscience would not let him keep something like those allegations from her.

“I think I was in shock because I didn’t see it coming,” Cain told Van Susteren about the allegations. After a while, she decided “not to watch any more news, and I could tell my spirit started to lift.” Despite that, however, Gloria Cain and her children had to face the scrutiny of her neighbors, which she found particularly difficult. What those “throwing mud” on her husband didn’t realize, she explained, was that she and her children and everyone who knows him had to live with the repercussions of her actions.

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