Herman Cain Talks ‘Woman Number Four’ With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Source: Maggie Haberman / Politico

Herman Cain gave a joking, at-times serious interview to Jimmy Kimmel tonight, in which he revealed he’d watched Sharon Bialek’s press conference – he described her as “Woman Number Four” and said he’ll address all “future firestorms” going forward, after saying over the weekend he wanted to move on.

There were comparisons to Tiger Woods, criticisms of Bialek’s lawyer Gloria Allred, Cain’s adamant denials about the allegations and his description of his wife’s reaction to the presser.

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“The things that woman described, that doesn’t even sound like you!” he quoted his wife saying, according to a transcription by POLITICO’s prolific Juana Summers.

Cain also said the scandal has helped him with voters, who feel he’s being attacked by establishment press, prompting Kimmel to ask if his rivals will hire women to make similar allegations. “If they’re smart they will!” Cain replied.

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