Karen Kraushaar Now Wants To Go Public With Other Women With Allegations Against Herman Cain

Source: James V. Grimaldi / The Washington Post

One of the women who accused GOP presidential contender Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s said she wants to go public — now that her name has been revealed — and hold a joint news conference with all of the women making similar allegations.

Karen Kraushaar, 55, an employee with the Treasury Department’s inspector general office, said she never wanted her name to be made public as one of Cain’s accusers. But a news organization published her name Tuesday and she now says she is ready to go before cameras.

“I am interested in a joint press conference for all the women where we would all be together with our attorneys and all of these allegations could be reviewed as a collective body of evidence,” Kraushaar told The Washington Post.

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  • Contrary to popular media reports saying Karen Kraushaar is a Republican, she has only Donated to the DNC.



    Contributions to Political Committees

    GERMANTOWN, MD 20874

    01/11/2009 250.00 29991055385

    • Not surprising… considering Bialak is a registered Republican in a state that doesn’t register a person’s political affiliations. It is my personal opinion that Cain should stop chasing blonde Republican women, 15 years ago,  that would have such high DNC connections in the future.