WATCH: Herman Cain Addresses Sex Harassment Allegations (VIDEO)

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Herman Cain holds a news conference to address sexual harassment allegations leveled against him.

  • 1) Bialek has had 9 jobs in 17 years;

    2) She filed for bankruptcy the first time in 1991;

     3) she was allegedly fired from the National Restaurant Association for
    accusing her boss (not Herman Cain) of sexual harassment in mid-1997,

    4) sometime after, she allegedly approached Cain to ask for a job;

     5) In 1999 she gave birth to a son, and a media executive claimed to be
    the father and filed a paternity suit AGAINST HER (resolution unknown);

    6) In 2001 she filed her second bankruptcy;

    7) At some point, Bialek acknowledged that she lived in the same
    building where David Axelrod (Obama’s Senior political adviser and close
    friend) abides – but, they’ve only exchanged nods. Some of the liens
    filed against her appear to be for unpaid rent while living in same
    building with Axelrod (she had liens filed against her by two Lake Shore

    8) Today her money problems are non-existant as her fiance supports her;

     9) Today Bialek would not rule out the possibility of making money through interviews, books (or a centerfold) and such.

    10) That brings us to her current claim that Herman Cain groped her under her skirt.