Mike McQueary E-Mail Says He ‘Made Sure It Stopped’ With Sandusky

Source: USA Today

For more than a week, there has been speculation about what happened when Mike McQueary allegedly saw former assistant Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in 2002.

According to NBC correspondent Peter Alexander, McQueary didn’t walk away as most inferred from the information contained in the grand jury presentment.

Alexander relayed a story on Twitter from an e-mail to former teammates of McQueary, who played at Penn State from 1994-97.

McQueary e-mailed the following about the 2002 incident:

“I did the right thing…you guys know me…”

“… the truth is not out there fully… I didn’t just turn and run… I made sure it stopped…”

“… I had to make quick tough decisions…”