PERSPECTIVE: Shameless Display At Penn State; Humanity Is More Important Than Athletics (VIDEO)


We watched a shameless display at Penn State University as thousands of students protested the firing of beloved coach Joe Paterno.  The move by the board [of] trustees was important to make, because after the allegations of sexual misconduct against a former coach, it needed to made because, clearly, Joe Paterno and other officials at Penn State failed – failed the leadership, failed the students involved, failed the young people who were allegedly sexually assaulted; but also failed themselves.  They should’ve stepped up and done more to notify the authorities of what this coach was involved in.

But what’s amazing to me is that we saw a display of anger because a coach wasn’t allowed to finish a distinguished career.  But he made the choice to not call the cops.  He only reported it to his superiors and left it at that.

What every parent should do if your student goes to Penn State is call them and say, “What were you thinking?  Don’t you understand that what took place and what affected those young people is far more important than a football game?  Is far more important than a coach’s career?”

We spend way too much time putting so much emphasis on athletics, we actually lose sight of humanity.

That’s my perspective.  What’s yours?

  • ParentsWonderingWTH

    Thank you!!!  I’m glad that someone in the media “get’s it”!