ROLAND MARTIN: Cain Must Answer Questions About Alleged Affair, Address Statements Made On CNN Denying It (VIDEO)

Roland Martin and Will Cain discuss new allegations made against GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Georgia business woman, Ginger White says she was involved in a 13-year affair with the presidential hopeful.

  • Cain accuser Sharon Bialek faces eviction

    Tuesday afternoon, Cook County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the
    Glenview townhome where Bialek has been living with her teenage son.
    County authorities attempted to serve an eviction notice on her,
    although she wasn’t there to accept it.

    According to a
    sheriff’s spokesman, the action is a forcible eviction for non-payment
    of rent filed by her landlord, $7,500 that Bialek owes in back rent.