Roland Martin Challenges MRC’s Brent Bozell For Calling Herman Cain Scandal A ‘Lynching’ (VIDEO)

Source: Frances Martel / Mediaite

Many conservatives have taken to defending Herman Cain with strong words for those that have reported the story, harkening back to the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and using the Justice’s term, “high-tech lynching,” to describe the sexual harassment charges that have come to light. On John King USA tonight, the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell tried to explain the acceptability of the use of the term to Roland Martin, who found it profoundly offensive to the victims of actual lynchings over the past century.

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  • Chuckpennington

    You tore him up Roland, Brent is so full of it. Im amazed that people buy into his propaganda. He would have done well working for Joshph Gobbels in the 1930’s 


  • Get em Roland!

  • I’m sorry but I thought when a person sexually harass someone, they’re on their own. Nobody told Herman Cain to do what he did.