Roland, TJMS, 11.01.11: Roland S. Martin/Tom Joyner Morning Show, HIV/AIDS Epidemic Spreading Across The Southern United States

Roland Martin talks with Andrew Skerritt about the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is spreading across the South. Skerritt is the author of Ashamed to Die: Silence, Denial, and the AIDS Epidemic in the South.

  • Is it possible to find out who’s email address the picture was sent from:

    Party Officers:Mark Sell,
    Robert Bruton, First Vice-Chairman
    Mike Haynes, Second Vice-Chairman
    Clay Chase, Treasurer
    Ginger Gash, Secretary
    Barbara Krajewski, Parliamentarian

    Candace Strother, Finance Committee ChairmanRyan Rogge, Precinct Operations Committee Chairman
    Ryan Gleason, Issues Committee Chairman
    Jim Huber, Membership Committee Chairman
    Fred Avila, Special Events Committee ChairmanI strongly believe that sending out this picture is against the law and someone should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Oh wait, I forgot the Republican Party is above the law.Just like Herman Cain, he can sexually harass two women and forget about it and remember it and lie on national television, but then again he represents the Republican party, the same party that emailed the picture of Obama with a bullet hole in his head.

  • Wow. Andrew used to write for my small-town newspaper The Herald in Rock Hill, SC. Small world indeed.