The Black Room: Backlash Against Tyler Perry For Casting Kim Kardashian In New Film (VIDEO)

Roland Martin talks with Sophia Nelson and Dr. Boyce Watkins about African-American women being upset that Kim Kardashian will be starring in Tyler Perry’s new film, The Marriage Councelor.

  • DJ

    Is Tyler becoming tone deaf to his core audience?

  • We will monitor this film as we’ve done his previous films but Tyler Perry trying to pull off calling her a “role model” just to get more people (aka a different demographic) into the theaters for box office purposes is ridiculous.  It’s ok for him to cast whomever he wants in his films whether they’re a role model or not, so false justifications are unnecessary.  But as they say, the more money people make when they get into this business, the MORE they change and the MORE money they want to make.  I think some call it GREED.  He should be open to doing different things, as he attempted to do with “For Colored Girls,” and people should always give him room to improve and grow.  We give him props for avoiding needless n-word in his films, but our concern has also been with the quality of his work, which is getting more and more monotonous and mediocre.  So we hope he starts to improve in the qualitative area.  As noted in our eNewsletter monitors and Snapshots of his films over the past few years, it’s been lingering at mediocre.  As for Kim K., her appearance will probably be minimal and the box office receipts will show what his fans do as it relates to a backlash and whether he gains that new demographic he’s seeking by casting her.