The Black Room: Can A Black Woman Pull A Kim Kardashian And Make Millions? (VIDEO)

Roland Martin talks with Dr. Boyce Watkins and Sophia Nelson about Kim Kardashian using the African-American culture to make millions.

SOUND OFF: How do feel about Kim Kardashian riding the urban audience to make millions?

  • Cheryl

    You got beautiful, black women that actually have a genuine talent, and they don’t get the publicity she has for making a sex tape. See somebody like Melanie Fiona and Esperanza Spaulding. So no a black woman would be called a whore and not respected at all.  Video models have been called video hoes from almost day one. They’re not doing anything worse than what I saw on Victoria Secret Fashion show last night. If you look at American and European fashion editorials and ads in magazines, you actually see nude or nearly nude models. Gasp, white models have been known to sleep around. You got hard-working models of every race that have scruples, and those that’ll do anything to get ahead. That’s not relegated to black models only.

    Even Jessica Simpson had some talent as a singer before she got her reality show that made her more famous. Ever since Jennifer Lopez, people have been getting famous for having certain body parts. Although I’m pretty sure Jennifer can go back a few generations in her Puerto Rican ancestry and thank her great grandmother for her’s, as quiet as that might be kept. This goes for Angelia Jolie with the lips and Kim with the behind also. Black women have been walking around for centuries with both these physical attributes, but black women were ridiculed for having the traits from everything to cartoons to movies. I actually think the rap videos help to bring black beauty into the mainstream more, but as usual people want to rob something from us and attribute things to somebody else when it starts to be seen as good.