U.S. Employers Advertise 3.35 Million Jobs In September, Most In 3 Years

Source: AP / The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — Employers advertised more jobs in September than at any other point in the past three years, a hopeful sign that companies may step up hiring.

Businesses and governments posted 3.35 million job openings, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That’s a 7 percent increase from August and the most since August 2008, one month before the financial crisis intensified.

Even with the gain, there’s heavy competition for each job. Nearly 14 million people were out of work in September, which means an average 4.2 unemployed workers were competing for each opening. That’s slightly better than August, but it is still more than twice the 2 to 1 ratio that economists say is healthy.

Companies typically take from one to three months to fill a position. So the increase in postings suggests hiring could pick up in the coming months.

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