VALORIE BURTON: Use What You’ve Got!

By Valorie Burton

Dear Friend,

As we set and reach for new goals, it can be easy to overlook the fact that we often have everything we need to get what we want — if only we will maximize our opportunities and resources. For example, in business, companies can become so consumed with attracting new customers that they fail to grow their business with the customers they already have. In the process, they can lose their existing clients in an effort to gain new ones. In personal relationships, you can become so focused on what a loved one is ‘missing’ that you forget to cherish all that they have to offer. In a job search, you can become so focused on internet searches and want ads, that you forget to do the one thing that leads to most jobs — talk about what you want to the people you already know.

Next time you find yourself busy looking for solutions, don’t forget the many resources that exist in your life right now. Whether you are looking for a job, growing a business, or strengthening a relationship, it is critical to maximize the potential of each opportunity and resource that you are blessed with. Consider these ideas:

1. Pick an opportunity. Any opportunity.
Make of list of opportunities that exist for you, but you have yet to take advantage of. Which ones fall in line with your purpose, desires and goals? Is it time to move forward on one of these opportunities? If so, make a plan, set a deadline, and go for it! Often, life feels stagnant not because you don’t have anything to do, but because you have not made a decision to do something new. Keep yourself constantly challenged by exploring the opportunities that will cause you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

2. Expect fear, but don’t let it stop you.
Once you decide to move forward on a goal, it is normal to feel a sense of fear. Expect to feel the fear, but keep moving forward. When you do what you need to do in spite of fear, the feeling of fear subsides. You build your ‘courage muscles’ when you take advantage of opportunities despite a fear of failure, uncertainty or the unknown.

3. Stop dreaming and start doing.
The difference between those who spend their lives dreaming and those who spend their lives achieving their dreams, is that one has learned to stop dreaming and start doing. Focusing too much on what the future will bring can keep you from doing the things that will bring your desired future into existence. By maximizing your present moments on the journey rather than dreaming about the destination, your daily life becomes richer and more enjoyable. You also arrive at your destination much more quickly. What is it time to stop dreaming about? What step do you need to take today?

Take time this week to focus on what you have before you — the relationships, talents, opportunities, resources and life itself. Focus on using what you have, and you’ll be delighted to see how quickly you create the life you want.

Until next time …

Valorie Burton, a life coach and speaker, is the author of Listen to Your Life, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, What’s Really Holding You Back?, Why Not You? and her latest, How Did I Get So Busy? The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time, Reclaim Your Schedule and Reconnect with What Matters Most. Subscribe to her FREE, inspirational e-newsletter at