WAKE UP! States With Strict Voter Photo ID Laws More Than Tripled In 2011

Source: Amy Bingham / ABC News

It is almost one year to the day that Americans will head to the polls for the 2012 election, but for residents in seven states, casting those ballots could be a bit more difficult than in the last go-round.

New laws requiring voters to show photo identification are set to take effect in Kansas, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. And Democrats, who as a party are staunchly opposed to voter ID laws, are already ramping up their efforts to combat the new laws.

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“I lose sleep over voter suppression,” said Rep. Steve Israel, D-NY. “I lose sleep over the fact that the Republicans have said and they are embarked on a strategy that could deny millions of voters their right to go to the polls and actually vote for a candidate.”

Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said Friday that his committee is planning a “a major voter protection initiative” to “make sure that every American that has the right to vote is able to vote.”

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