Washington Watch with Roland Martin, 11.13.11, Video Podcast

At the top of our agenda this week, voters send a message to overreaching politicians: “Stop the shenanigans.” But is there a message of hope for the President and the Democrats? And GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Rick Perry embarrass themselves and their party.

Our “Washington Watch” newsmakers: one of the 12 Super Committee members, Cong. James Clyburn, as well as Lee Saunders, one of the most powerful union leaders on the big win for the working class in Ohio. In the “Washington Watch” Roundtable, April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks; Robert Traynham, Washington bureau chief for the Comcast Network; and syndicated columnists Cynthia Tucker and George Curry.

Plus, African-American ministers join together to secure your right to vote; and “Apprentice” winner Randal Pinkett on how Black folks can survive in a White, corporate environment. And R&B star Monica on her new crusade to fight hunger.

All that and more in this week’s edition of “Washington Watch.”

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  • DeQuincy Taylor

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  • DeQuincy Taylor

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  • DeQuincy Taylor