White House Counsel Refuses House Panel’s Sweeping Solyndra Subpoena

Source: CNN

Washington – The White House counsel refused Friday to comply with a subpoena issued by a House panel regarding the failed solar energy company Solyndra, claiming the initiative “was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation.”

Kathryn Ruemmler expressed her views in a letter to Reps. Fred Upton and Cliff Stearns, members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. A day earlier, one of its subcommittees requested internal documents regarding the government’s decision to issue more than half a billion dollars in federal loan guarantees in 2010 to Solyndra, which later filed for bankruptcy.

“The committee’s extremely broad request for documents — now a subpoena — is a significant intrusion on executive branch interests,” Ruemmler wrote.

Upton, the Michigan Republican who heads the broader House committee, issued a statement Friday claiming that the “White House could have avoided the need for subpoena authorizations if they had simply chosen to cooperate.”

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