Women Charged With Raping Men To Get Sperm For Rituals

Source: Dana Hughes / ABC News

Three women in Zimbabwe accused of raping at least four men to get their sperm for traditional rituals.

The women, who have been charged with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault, go on trial today in a case that has shocked the country.

Police officials in Zimbabwe believe the alleged perpetrators are part of a nationwide syndicate that may be using the sperm for a traditional ritual claiming to make people lucky and wealthy.

They were apprehended in a town about 170 miles outside of the capital city of Harare after police found 31 used condoms in their car. At least nine men have come forward with similar stories of being attacked.

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  • Yepthatsme

    it isn’t technically rape until the pictures of the zimbabwe women are posted. Then the general public can come to that conclusion or not 🙂