Actress Elisabeth Omilami On Feeding Hungry Children, Reminds Us That Hungry Kids Cannot Learn (VIDEO)

As the daughter of civil rights pioneer Hosea Williams and Georgia state representative Juanita Williams, Elisabeth Omilami is no stranger to the power of an organized movement.  She continues the legacy of her father by heading up Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless in Atlanta.  She spoke this year at the Congressional Black Caucus conference, and this is what she had to say about hunger in 2011.

MS. ELISABETH OMILAMI:  — the fastest-rising number of people who are homeless are women and children, that over 3 million children will be added to the roles of those that experience food scarcity next year alone, because there are thousands of children that don’t eat from free lunch on Friday to free lunch on Monday.

I’m not here because I’m so great, or I’m so smart, but I am here because God always makes sure that the voice that is crying out for the poor and the homeless and the widows and the orphans is heard.

You know something?  When you look in the eyes of a hungry child that’s sitting there with all the food they can eat, and you know that they’re trying to pack it in their pocket, and they’re trying to put it in their pants and so they can have some for tomorrow, you know what’s most important.  You don’t have to ask the question.

We can solve the homeless problem.  We don’t need studies.  We don’t need to convene committees.  If someone’s hungry, you feed them.  If they need a house, you house them.  If they need school supplies, you give them some school supplies.  If they need to see a doctor, you take them, and you get them a – yeah.  You just – it’s simple.

This year, we will feed over 180,000 people.  Our medical clinic is flourishing.  We’ve created a new health initiative where we were going to – we are going to add organic vegetables to the food boxes that we give out.


MS. OMILAMI:  So, God is good.  All the time.

Thank you.  And remember.  Hungry children cannot learn.


MR. MARTIN:  We thank Elisabeth Omilami for all she’s doing and wish her the best.