Axelrod Jabs Gingrich: ‘Higher A Monkey Climbs … More You Can See His Butt’

Source: Devin Dwyer / ABC News 

Newt Gingrich has joked that God wanted him to be a bear, not a gazelle. But President Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod today said Gingrich is more like a monkey.

Speaking at a Washington press briefing, Axelrod said the former House speaker’s climb to the top of the pack will further expose his least flattering personal and professional qualities.

“Just remember, the higher a monkey climbs on a pole, the more you can see his butt,” Axelrod said, citing a piece of political wisdom he said he learned from a Chicago alderman. “So, the speaker is very high on the pole right now and we’ll see how people like the view.”

Axelrod chided Gingrich as an “extremist” whose role in the partisan fights of the 1990s helped lead to government shutdowns and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.  “His penchant for provocation is not going to help him deal with the shortfalls that he has right now among women, among seniors and some other key constituencies,” he added.

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